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Don't know what to study. Tons of material. Unsure which are important. How am I going to master the subject material


I study and forget 3 days later. What should i do to retain what I study?


I don't know what i should write in the exams. How do I start? How much should I write? Am I writing too much, too little? How do they allot marks?.


When I sit for the exams I feel stressed. My brain freeze. What can I do to counter the stress?

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Our students have used these resources developed by our expert instructors and passed the ACCA exam.

notes & Videos

Concise course notes (and videos) covering every part of the syllabus will be provided

exam de-brief

Exam question de-brief videos showing you the necessary exam techniques on how you can write your answer from scratch

study plan

Day-by-day study plan showing what you need to view / study / practice Mondays through Fridays.

tutor support

Active tutor support through WhatsApp group to answer your questions and clear your doubts.

We are an Approved Learning Partner of ACCA.

If you follow our ACCA course blueprint and put in the work you will be sure to come away with a pass

Our ACCA courses include a plan and strategy to ensure that you pass the tests. Students only need to follow the instructions provided by our subject specialists. They will demonstrate how to obtain the easy marks. They will highlight areas where you should concentrate your efforts. They will assist you with your blindspots and blunders, as well as show you how to overcome them.

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choose your course & register

Run through the courses that are available for you. Check out the details. Register and sample the free course. All the training & support you need to pass is here

step 2

get the
training  & support

Register and experience the training & support you will receive that will set you for the ACCA exam success.

step  3

ensure your pass in the acca exams

Having a step by step guide and all the tips needed there is no reason to fail. Success is inevitable.

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