Free Videos on ACCA AAA Exam Preparation and Sample Lessons by Sheila Williams

Learn the Best Tips and Techniques to Ace the ACCA AAA Exam

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SHEILA William

Sheila William has been teaching ACCA since the year 2000. She is an FCCA (Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). She currently focuses on Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA).

If you are serious about getting through the AAA paper then she is the teacher for you.
Do you know how to identify relevant points in AAA exam scenarios?
Do you struggle to begin writing answers to AAA exam questions?
Do you know how much to write? Do you write too much? OR Maybe you are writing too little in your AAA answers?
Do you know how to ensure you are picking up maximum marks?
Do you know where all the easy marks are?
Do you know that you need to practice writing against time?

There are many more questions like these answered in her sessions. Register today!