Students' Success Stories

XH Tan - AAA student - June 2021 exams

Karishma - AAA student - June 2021 exams

She helped me with relevant Exam Techniques and also encourages students confidence that they would pass.

 I can’t thank her enough🤝🤝"

Moses Ssenkindu
AA Jan 2020

"Thank you for guidance and exam techniques that helped me tackle the exam questions well and also helped me to gain important marks to pass the paper. Thank you for your encouragement , it boosted my confidence. Thank you once again"

AAA Dec 2019

"Thank you for helping me pass my last AAA paper with a score of 66! The exam techniques were really useful and helped me understand the syllabus more! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend you to my friends who are taking the AAA paper"

Sheau Chien
AAA June 2019

 "What i like most about your class is that you wanted us to pass! I like how you structured the syllabus & notes and conducted your lectures in a very systematic way. Thank you for making us practice the questions with the exam techniques and constantly reminding us all that is required for us to pass the paper"

Eileen Oh 
AAA June 2019

 "To any ACCA candidates who are considering to take up AAA a.k.a P7 paper amongst other providers.
 I would like to emphasize that the dedication Ms Sheila provided is beyond words.
She kept us motivated, on track and while I was personally doubting myself that I would make it for the exam (as I was working and studying at the same time), she had faith in me.
My gratitude cannot be expressed.
I myself am not a person who would use acronyms for exams but I believe in Ms Sheila's exam techniques and used it and managed to pass the exam with my first attempt.
AAA may be difficult to pass but with Ms Sheila's technique, you would ace the paper nicely.
I would highly recommend candidates to try her exam techniques.
The following materials may help you in deciding your tuition provider:- Study material - very exam oriented, really spot on Videos - Short and straight to the point (helped a lot when you are having insufficient time) all other not so important part of the class are edited out.
Exam techniques - Can't stress enough its effective, efficient and it works!

Joshua Foo
January 2020 exam batch

"I passed P7 with 57% at first attempt, this would not be possible without miss Sheila. the exam techniques are very useful especially OMAR as audit risk questions gave us a total of 24 marks. I strongly recommend to attend revision class with Miss Sheila

Amber Lee
October 2019 batch

"I have attended Ms Sheila class on Sep'19 sitting... Her teaching skill is very awesome and I'm finally able to pass my final paper using her technique and golden rule to pass the exam..Thank you Ms Sheila ❤️

Acy Tan
October 2019 batch

 "AAA paper is difficult to past, I failed this paper 2 times. After I attended Sheila's IRC on Nov 2019, FINALLY PAST this paper. She taught us technique in answering AAA paper, how to get marks and advice us to do the 3 past year papers. Her answer techniques and advice was very helpful to pass this paper.." 

Cassie Han
January 2020 batch

 "Ms. Sheila's class is very useful and finally I managed to pass my P7. She is able to make this subject to become interesting and she is always patiently explaining when you encounter any difficulties in preparing for the exams

Wong Huey Yeen
January 2020 batch