Why you need to join the ACCA AAA class?

The feedback and testimonies given by previous students will tell you that joining the AAA class may be a wise decision.

" For every 10 students that sit for the AAA paper, only 3 or a maximum 4 passes the paper". 

Each repeat sitting is going to cost you money, time, and effort. 

This is the reason for asking you to invest in taking the course for a sure way to pass the paper. 

You are going to save time, money and savour the success of passing the AAA paper.

The paper can be a difficult one and you may not understand what is needed to do to prepare for the AAA exam. 

You would need to understand and be aware of the mistakes you can make when attempting this paper. 

I recall the story of my student, a girl called Iris who against all odds worked and persisted and passed the paper. 

You can do it too with hard work and persistence. 

I teach and design the courses to help you with the dynamics of learning which are incorporated into the courses to help ensure a pass.

Here is one testimony of how exam techniques have helped one student, Mohammed. 

He mentions that his one regret is not finding out about the course earlier.

The exam techniques helped Alvin Lim pass the AAA exams.

The Bootcamp program helped Hannah organize her daily study and question practice time which helped her pass the paper

You will get the required guidance to ensure a pass as Sudipto here shares.

There are various programs that you can choose from

1) 16 week Bootcamp

This program is run twice yearly i.e. for June and December sittings.
It is a program designed to take you through step by step through the syllabus with various activities like assignments, Live sessions, progress tests, and 3 mock exams. The Intensive Revision course is also included in the package. This is 31.5 hours of Live sessions that cover basically the exam techniques.

2) Self-study Programs 

These programs are run 4 times yearly i.e. for the March, June, September & December exam sittings. These programs cover the entire syllabus with tutor support. Intensive Revision course is added on which makes it complete.

3) Crash Course

This course is also run 4 times a year i.e. for the March, June, September & December exam sittings. This course is for those who sat for the paper and did not get the pass mark. It is focused to get you back on your feet with important exam techniques and tips to ensure you getting the pass mark the next time round. the crash course would include the revision classes.

4) Intensive Revision Course

This course is also run 4 times a year i.e. for the March, June, September & December exam sittings. These are nine 3.5 hour live sessions giving intensive tune-up preparation for upcoming exams. The focus is on exam techniques.