A Strategy for Passing ACCA's Advanced Audit & Assurance (ACCA AAA)

Having a strategy will help ensure you succeed in getting through the ACCA Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA) paper. A plan clarifies what needs doing.

Advanced Audit & Assurance is one of ACCA’s most challenging papers. 

The global pass rate for AAA remains in the 30 percentile.

Although the paper is challenging, it is COMPLETELY DOABLE.

I have helped and taken many students who have failed and subsequently worked with me to succeed in getting through the paper.

The AAA syllabus requires knowledge of accounting, auditing, and ethical standards. Students must apply these standards to the varied scenarios in the exam.


As such, exam answers must fit the scenario.

Answers cannot be memorised and regurgitated.

Students who pass AAA, do so because they adequately prepare for the exam.


Preparing for the AAA exam is like building a house. 

The FIRST STEP is to design a plan. A blueprint.

Next would be to lay the foundation.

Then the pillars go up.

Then the walls, and finally the roof. 

Missing any of the required steps or doing the steps in the wrong order will cause the house to be unstable. 

The very same principles apply when preparing for Advanced Audit & Assurance.

Sheila has mapped out all the important areas a student needs to excel in AAA.

There are certain types of exam questions which carry BIG MARKS. These will appear in every exam.

If you can master these AREAS, passing AAA will be simpler because you will already have around 65 marks in HAND.

In an upcoming article, we'll explain the required knowledge for AAA.

In her lessons, Sheila will show the most effective way to remember the knowledge so that it is not lost after two weeks.

By the way, do you know that there are effective and ineffective methods of studying?

Effective methods of studying help the student understand, remember, and apply the knowledge.

Ineffective methods do the opposite.

Advanced Audit & Assurance is a wordy paper, and many students find it hard to write answers.

The most common complaint I hear is that students don’t know how to start writing.

They are also unsure of how much to write.

So, students either end up writing too much or too little.

If a student writes too little, they will not get the marks to pass.

If they write too much, they end up having insufficient time to attempt the final question on the paper.

Do you know that there are proven guides (or exam techniques) which the student can use to write professional answers?

I have designed these guides or exam techniques so that the student can quickly and confidently write up answers.

I have removed the uncertainty that makes students apprehensive about Advanced Audit & Assurance

In the next article, I'll touch on BIG mark questions and what you will need to do to get those BIG marks.